Off the Deep End

These are the aimless thoughts of a hungry little alien who's actually old enough to get a job and get marrried. The writer's a little bit off the deep end, or so to speak. Anyway, she thinks she's an alien and she's just been sent to Earth to research on the mysteries of human behavior. She loves ice cream and chicken curry. (Of course, she puts them on separate dishes. Otherwise, hell's bells shall toll.)

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Feelin' poetic... sorta...

Just what it said in the title. I don't have much to write about since I just exercised my mind on making a grueling story about good and evil in a message board. So I don't want to write any long stuff. i'm just being addicted to my favorite fallen angel now. Lucifer. So I'll just make a poem for him now... I do hope that no one takes me for a Satanist or something...

The Fire of the Heavens rises
the Sun brings forth a new day...
The birth of the Fallen Star
and the blackened wings
of a crippled celestial child...
And the sadness ripples forth
from the hearts of angels...
music to one's ears.
But the Hands of Time
cannot return
the Fallen One
on his pedestal.
And the Sorrow pours forth.
Lucifer sings...
an endless song of Lamentation.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Aimless thoughts...

I am currently high on endorphins and phenylalamine. If anyones got a problem with that, I'll just give them a dose so they'll be happy like me!!! ^_^ I just registered on a message board just for writers and I'm amazed at the skill in which they play with words. Simply amazing. I am... so happy, I want to eat more chocolate, not think about all my problems, and be so nuts for a whole week 'til everyone gives up trying to get me to converse sensibly with them. Hahahahahaha!!! Oh, happy me!!! *sings and dances around with a broomstick and rolls on the floor* Wanna be happy, wanna be genki wanna be just so damn nuts to make someone think I've lost it and just get the heck outta my mind so everyone else thinks I'm not human. (Wait... I'm not. WAHEHEHEHE!!!) Come and be happy with me. (Oh yeah, for those of you who think I'm on drugs, you're mistaken 'cuz I'm high on Hershey's Dark Chocolate.)

Come take me away
to the fields to play...
The butterflies frolic
and dance in my mind...
Come take me away
to the fevered land
of Spring.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Just one more cup of coffee...

I have had a hard time going to sleep lately. Dunno why, but my bological clock seems to have gone berserk on me. I think I've become nocturnal once again. I can stay up until almost four in the morning and not even feel sleepy. Is it because of all the caffeine in my bloodstream? Wait... that would be impossible 'cuz I've never drunk coffee since ... uhh... two weeks ago. Oh well... at least there's someone I could talk to at those hours. I've acquired a kid brother from the artist's den. ^_^ Yes, you've read it right! I have a new kid brother, and I'm having so much fun!!! Yey!!!

Sunny day came
and I held your hand
as we ran across
the sprinkled lawn
and gathered the poppies
and wild marigolds.
Sunny day ended
and we smiled
as we painted the stars
across the midnight sky
twinkling, blinking, watching
as we sleep.