Off the Deep End

These are the aimless thoughts of a hungry little alien who's actually old enough to get a job and get marrried. The writer's a little bit off the deep end, or so to speak. Anyway, she thinks she's an alien and she's just been sent to Earth to research on the mysteries of human behavior. She loves ice cream and chicken curry. (Of course, she puts them on separate dishes. Otherwise, hell's bells shall toll.)

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The true black...

Sometimes, I lie awake, staring at the ceiling in the heavy darkness of my room. Afraid. Quite. Somehow, I'm still trying to grasp the meaning of the darkness. Not just the literal aspect, but the hidden truths... Am I making sense? I feel as if the fingers of the lurking shadows are creeping towards me, seeping into my very core, and reading my thoughts and everything I have established about myself and making it one with themselves. Am I one with the darkness now? Have I succumbed to its beauty and pain? Maybe I can smile about it now... Even if I have succumbed, doesn't mean I have to endure the pain that darkness brings. I can only see its beauty... and love the dark. I am no longer afraid. Perhaps... as the days passed... I understood it... and made it part of me.

How lovely thy song sweetly wafting
in my slumbering ear I hear'st...
Thou takest me
into the realm of the night's revelry.


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