Off the Deep End

These are the aimless thoughts of a hungry little alien who's actually old enough to get a job and get marrried. The writer's a little bit off the deep end, or so to speak. Anyway, she thinks she's an alien and she's just been sent to Earth to research on the mysteries of human behavior. She loves ice cream and chicken curry. (Of course, she puts them on separate dishes. Otherwise, hell's bells shall toll.)

Friday, August 19, 2005

An Angel in our midst...

My story is about an Angel of Death who wished to become mortal, just so he can understand what it's like to feel all the emotions we do. He got his wish with a wierd twist.His wish took a human form... it's like your subconscious just became a living, breathing mass of evil flesh who was his exact opposite. This guy wanted to destroy and kill and most of the emotions he has are so violent, it has an aftertaste. Now the guy who wished for it to happen, but just didn't expect it to be this dangerous, asked the most sinister wish-granter, Lucifer, to take everything back. But Lucifer was naughty, and kept on playing with this angel's mind. I wonder what will happen next. Will he finally get is wish undone? Or will Lucifer make him suffer a little more than he should?

Come to my arms, Death...
and take from me my breath...
It's just like you have told me, my beloved...
"Life's not roses in your bed."


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