Off the Deep End

These are the aimless thoughts of a hungry little alien who's actually old enough to get a job and get marrried. The writer's a little bit off the deep end, or so to speak. Anyway, she thinks she's an alien and she's just been sent to Earth to research on the mysteries of human behavior. She loves ice cream and chicken curry. (Of course, she puts them on separate dishes. Otherwise, hell's bells shall toll.)

Thursday, July 28, 2005

My cofee is getting cold, and I haven't gotten any work done!

This sucks. I've been trying for hours to clean up my artwork in Adobe, but I had to stop. The strain on my hands is killing me. Anyway, I'm really tired, and I'm still going to have to go to school, but I also lack sleep. I'm on my way to get into a coma. I don't think I still wanna go to class today.

Sleep, I call upon thee...
The sancuary of my sanity...
Though closeth my eyes
and gratefully drift
into sweetness...

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

(Sniff)... Dang... I'm out of Kleenex!

I'm out of Kleenex and I don't know what to do... I know! (The alien has some sudden flicker of comprehension.) I'm going to go buy some!!! *sigh* But... I'm too lazy to. This is the last Piece of Kleenex that I'm holding right now, and... (Blows nose) there it goes. Oh, well... at least I blew good and hard. Argh!!! My stupid nose is beginning to have fits again!!! I hate this weather! Seriously, can't we have good weather for once this week? If it's not too hot, it rains as if the Old Testament's covenant has been broken!!! I don't want to exaggerate right now, but I feel so bad, and I'm out of Kleenex!!! What could be worse than this?

Well, my prince...
If the weather is too cold
then I shall share my cloak with thee...
How unfortunate of me
that I have no cloak
to share with thee!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Full to bursting point!

I just finished eating lunch. (Burp! Oops... Excuse me...) I can't take anymore, cuz I'm full to bursting point with chicken pot pie and rice. I wonder what I'll be having for dinner... I have classes later and I can't wait to learn more about Flash! It'll land me a job... I hope. Anyway, I just got a little heavier after I ate all that food... I wanna go to sleep... I'm sleepy... zzzzzzzzzzz (See ya later, Earth inhabitants! I shall be inert for a while. Thank you...)

Ah, Dream...
take me away
to thy realm of fantasy...
Let me bask
in the sweetness
of thine arms...

Hai... hai... The Earth is such a big planet... (sniff)

Here I am again and I have to begin taking nonsense now. I just took a tour of the Earth and found that it is such a big place for an alien feline like me. I don't care if you think that I think the way a child thinks, but I find this planet big that's all. I keep wondering why they want others out of the world, when no one has discovered warp flying to Andromeda Galaxy yet. I mean, do they really have to hate each other that much? Even if they do, there are still some uninhabited places for them to run to... so why do they want to throw someone off when they could all still fit in here? They can still make a condominium tower taller than the world's tallest building, y'know... Why doesn't everyone just get along and hang like cats on a wall? I have fun that way. Although I'm still rather high on coffee-flavored sugar and candy-coated sweet cream cakes... You should try those... It's so addicting the only drawback is you'll have thighs as large as hams by next week. I'm snacking on Solmux and pushing Vicks Inhalers in both nostrils, because even if Earth is such a big, wonderful, beautiful amusement park for aliens like me, the weather here sucks!

I woke up again this morning
with a splitting headache
and an aspirin on my night table
and found out
that I haven't slept at all again.
Sucks to be me.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Ahh, Coffee, my Love.

Tonight, we shall be together again, my beloved Blossom cofee mug. I shall drink my overly sweet coffee in you again. I shall be staying up so late I would have no time to wonder when my next birthday would be held. If you think this is absolutely nonsensical, you haven't read what I wrote while I was high on sugar and caffeine. (Mental note: I shall have to try my boyfriend's coffee-flavored sugar drink! Rumor has it. it's guaranteed to wake every neutron I have in my brain cells to last me a month.) I shall be awake all night... ahh, wait... I'm beginning to be reiterant.

I woke up today with a start
forgot who I was again....
Then all of a sudden
I realized...
S**t man, I haven't slept at all!!!

Today is the day of cakes and candies!

Greetings, fellow earthlings and non-earthlings. I am the insane feline, Zweischatten. A writer and artist. Frustrated, yes; but I am a writer and artist, nevertheless. Leaning more on the darker side of everything, I would probably advice myself to learn to eat candies and cake more, so that if someone gets killed in any of my stories, I can make light of it in the next episode. I would, if i could, but i don't think it's appropriate for the kind of story that I'm currently working on. I just finished one called Monarch's Wood and it's very disturbing, I would have to rate it R-18. But what the hell, I'm giving it as a gift to a sixteen-year-old anyway, so it doesn't matter. Sometimes, I think it's pretty useless rating things like that, cuz everybody gets to read it, anyway. But then, that would only happen if it's already been printed out. It's rotting inside a diskette, and no ones been paying attention to it, except me, of course. Enough of this! Anyway, I'd better go get me some candies and cakes for dinner. I weigh 130lbs. and I'm still a relentless hungry little feline alien. Ciao, I'm just gonna raise my sugar a little. ^_^